Frequently Asked Questions


What documents do I need to register?

After the interview and evaluation process, candidates will need to submit 2 forms of ID for I-9 verification, 3-5 supervisor references. Candidates will also need to complete the enrollment application and direct deposit forms, all of which are sent electronically.


What health benefits are offered?

As a registered candidate, you can log into your Employee Portal to view your online benefit selections.

As outlined under the new healthcare law, ACA, all individuals must have Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) beginning January 1, 2014, or pay a penalty tax.  Employees can prevent being taxed the “Individual Mandate” penalty tax by enrolling in MEC Plus or MEC Plus Advantage at discounted rates.  


We offer the opportunity to enroll in a great benefit, MEC Plus and MEC Plus Advantage.” Participation in MEC Plus or MEC Plus Advantage Satisfies the Individual Mandate Penalty by providing Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC).

In addition, you can buy‐up to cover dependents in MEC Plus or enroll in MEC Plus Advantage and gain additional value with a health plan that provides great care for your day‐to‐day health care needs without first having to satisfy a large deductible.  


How do I get paid?

Candidates are paid on a weekly basis via direct deposit, payroll card, or paper check. You can view this information in your Employee Portal. The online employee portal allows candidates access to view all of their payroll data including check stubs, access to change direct deposit information and much more.


Be sure to complete your Online Timesheet no later than Sunday. Supervisor approvals are processed every Monday by noon.